(607)882-1647    Ithaca Watkins Glen NY

Full Day 1 angler $250 additional angler  $50
-Half Day 1 angler $1
75additional angler $50
-Before the trip you need to have a
New York state fishing license
-Polarized Sun glasses
-We provide Fly rod and flies for your use
no charge
-Lunch and beverages are
provided for the trip at no
-Flies used  or lost during
the trip are no charge
*Catch and release is
mandatory on guided trips.*
"Game fish are too valuable
to only be caught once."
Lee Wulf
Learn how to catch beautiful trout like
the one below, It will put a big smile
on your face.
Why hire a guide? You will simply catch fish, learn  
hot spots on streams, and  techiques to catch fish on
your own.  A guide can help you diagnose your
casting and give suggestions to make it smoother.  If
you are here on vacation why not enjoy catching fish
on a beautiful trout stream.  If you are local learn
about where the fish are. After a guided trip you will
go home a better angler.
There is a lot of great fly fishing close to
Ithaca/Watkins Glen NY.
Lets Go catch fish!